A downloadable asset pack

An aseprite extension with the 32 Super Game Boy palettes.

The palettes are made of 4 colors and are grouped in the same gpl file.
Sprites in order:

  • 1-A
  • 1-B
  • 1-C
  • 1-D
  • 1-E
  • 1-F
  • 1-G
  • 1-H
  • 2-A
  • 2-B
  • 2-C
  • 2-D
  • 2-E
  • 2-F
  • 2-G
  • 2-H
  • 3-A
  • 3-B
  • 3-C
  • 3-D
  • 3-E
  • 3-F
  • 3-G
  • 3-H
  • 4-A
  • 4-B
  • 4-C
  • 4-D
  • 4-E
  • 4-F
  • 4-G
  • 4-H

You can see an example of every single palettes on the right.

Palette values have been sourced from Super Mario Wiki:

Inside the zip file are the gpl files for each palette and a json file in order to be used as an extension to aseprite.

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wildleoknight-sgb-palettes.zip 1 kB
wildleoknight-sgb-palettes.aseprite-extension 1 kB

Install instructions

Double-Click the aseprite-extension file.


Inside Aseprite:

Edit>Preferences>Extensions>Add Extension

Select  "wildleoknight-sgb-palettes.zip"

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can these be used with gameboy studio

yes you should be able to use one of these palettes

Thank you! This is very helpful since I'm just starting out pixeling and making games