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my only real complaint is that its hard to tell where the borders of things really are. For example, I end up having to point my cursor lower than where the canvas border appears to be in order to resize it.

Thats cool

Can you make that but in Red?

And other in Blue?


That will be awesome

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I'm using recommended scaling options, still making my crosshair too small and unusable with any other scaling option :((

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I love how it still has that sort of 8-bit chunky feel to it yknow? It still is fun to look at like the default aseprite theme with said chunkiness and whatnot but it also doesn't burn my eyes out. Thanks leo!

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Wow, it’s hard to really such a sexy theme.

This is amazing! Do you think it's possible to have a blue theme?


Sure thing, it'll come along with the next update

Wow thanks a lot you are the best 👍💯, keep up the good work. 

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Hi there! Any chance you can create these with the default Aseprite fonts? The other variations are too crunchy / hard to read.

Edit: Nevermind, I adjusted the scaling properties and all is well! Thank you for the rad themes!

too much helpful

the scaling si screwed up

Are you using the recommended 100%  Screen Scaling and 200% UI Elements Scaling?


I love it, but the text is just too small for me

This is so good I love them both.